Specialized Interface of Group Communication — Onyx by Onbeep

Onbeep is a new startup company in San Francisco. Last November, it launched its very first product Onyx, a wearable voice communication product.

Onyx enables people to voice out to each other with wireless and cellular networks and connects to OnBeep app on IOS or Android phones with Bluetooth. This exquisitely designed product is easy to carry by simply clipping to the clothes and weighs only 46 grams. The target customers are groups of people who required frequent voice communication.

Since the product got launched, the company has publicized 300+ news, stories and posts on social media platform and online media websites. It also released TV coverage in 100+ markets and brought in great pre-orders. Onbeep hasn’t started SEO and SEM marketing approaches yet, but still gets 2000+ organic searches per month.

The value proposition is quite obvious. It liberate users from frequent checking their phones and switching among different message apps to communicate with large group of people. The pitfall is that the price of Onyx is fairly on the high end — $195 per pair. This the definitely a hurdle to be applied to household application. Besides, the product could expand its usage occasions such as outdoor activities if it entails radio wave transmission, considering cellular reception grows weaker in the outskirt of cities, not to mention wifi signals.


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