Sproutling – Grow Happy Families

Sproutling creates technologically savvy family products to assist parents.  Their Baby Monitor takes monitoring babies to the next level by not only monitoring the environment, but health patterns of the baby.  It is a wearable tracker that parents place on their baby to predict habits.  It monitors vitals and sleep patterns.  The wearable connects to a phone app that parents can track and monitor with.  They have not released their baby monitor product but plan to this year.  They raised their first round of capital in August 2013.  They are focusing on

Their positioning in the market is taking wearables to the next level and providing parents with the ability to utilize technology to feel more comfortable and keep their baby safe.  Their value proposition is a smarter baby monitor that senses, learns and predicts behaviors and alerts parents of anything with a smartphone app.

Sproutling has 100% presold their product for release later this year, so it appears communication with their target customer is very good.  Previewing their website and other online social media sites, their posts are very relevant to their target customer.  They also produce “Parentage” an online magazine for parents that address concerns and interests of their target customer.


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