The Orange Chef Company- A Better Way to Eat Better

The Orange Chef Company, which provides software and hardware products for the kitchen, has chosen website, video, email, blog (1X/ week), twitter, facebook (2X/week), pinterest, instagram(722 followers) and google+. They focus on website, video, blog and facebook. On their website, I can feel the visual contacts from the company, and can conveniently click into videos that present their value and products clearly. It also shows the support they got from media like New York Times, USA Today, which act as proof for their professionality and popularity. The website is also connected with on-line trade processor such as Amazon and William Sonama, which will make their customers feel convenient to buy.The website is lined up with the blog and its facebook. On the blog, they put on many articles that relate to health and food, as a indirect support for their products. Also, it can attract potential customers that interested in related subjects. Facebook is one of its main social channels that show followers recent updates in news.

At the Orange Chef Company, it is a connection between people and their food. It makes smart products for the kitchen with hardware and software that will help customers prepare healthy meals, easily and intuitively.

Its value proposition is to give customers the tools to understand and navigate their nutritional, culinary and spoon-licking lives, and finally turns the kitchen into a place of confidence and discovery.

I think it successfully connects with its customers. A good example is its main product Prep Pad, which is the smart food scale that gives people insight into food’s nutrition with an accurate breakdown of carbs, protein, fats and other essential nutrients, has already been available in Apple Store around the country. As an accessory for ipad, it is an excellent marketing strategy to have the ability to directly sell their products in Apple Store, where most broad potential customers collect. I am also appreciate their blog, which put up many information on health living. I regard it as a smart hook to attract people who enjoy healthy plan for their families and their lives.


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