Blog #2-Kiwi Crate is almost “there,” But is “there” Where We Want to Be?

Kiwi Crate, like STEMBox has focused on very similar online channels, a monthly subscription service targeted towards educating the next generation of tinkerers, makers, scientists, and engineers. However, unlike STEMBox, they are focusing on a low cost, non-premium option (priced at $16.99/month) targeted towards a broader market—whereas STEMBox is focused on providing a premium product with more versatile hardware and software solutions—such as mobile device controlled Arduino robots. Given their price restrictions, their projects appear to be limited to low cost paper products, or simple circuits—and can’t be built off one another.

Their value proposition is very similar to STEMBox’s—that is, they are attempting to provide monthly STEM-projects to get students learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. However, unlike STEMBox, they are focused on very simple projects that, we suspect are more easily substituted by a willing parent who can go online and easily purchase similar projects.

In saying all of the above, Kiwi Crate has done very well in raising capital, and at this point, has raised $7M. Similarly, Kiwi Crate is in many ways a “proof of concept” in that their well experienced founders seem to have recognized the same need that STEMBox has, but chosen to focus on a broader, less technical market. Similarly, they haven’t created a platform that allows STEM students to teach other students. Also, we are targeting and preparing STEM students to do more technologically advanced projects, such as programming and building robots, 3D printing projects, etc.

Fortunately for STEMBox, at this point, Kiwi Crate is not a direct competitor.


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