Sproketfly- Mostly Good, But.. Safety

I am in the group RiderOasis. Our product is the bike vending machine to help avid bikers fix their equipment in time of need. Sproketfly is a very interesting company. They are a web platform for bike repair house calls. Sproketfly connects themselves with local bike technicians who physically come to your house and fix your bike. Their main platform is obviously their webpage. Their entire business revolves around interaction with their online presence. They do a good job using podcasts on their website. I believe that the enthused cyclist would indeed pay attention to this medium. They are also on twitter, which I don’t believe would be effective for their business model.

Sproketfly is targeting one of two individuals; the casual cyclists that do not have the knowledge to fix their own bike, or the individuals who want to save time and have someone commute to their home.

Their value proposition seems to be that you can save time in doing business with them. It is a huge bonus that the consumer doesn’t have to physically go to a bike repair shop. If you intended on going to a repair store, you now don’t have to lug your bicycle in a car. Ultimately, Sproketfly saves you time.

They seem to be fairly successful in targeting their market. I think they are going through the right steps. My question is about customer safety. I’m not sure I really want someone coming to my house to fix my bike. Lastly, I think RiderOasis has a very unique opportunity in the market. Sproketfly is assuming the cyclist has already brought their damaged bicycle back home. RiderOasis can gain hold of the market segment that a) knows how to fix their bike, and b) those individuals that would rather fix their bike on the spot, instead of walking their unit all of the way back home.


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