Blog 1 – Better late than never…….? Dwellable

I chose to take a closer look at Dwellable, number 113 on the GeekWire 200. dwellable

Dwellable is a mobile first vacation rental app that strives to provide unique and tailored properties for the particular traveler conducting the search. The key differentiator between Dwellable and, say AirBnb, is Dwellable’s “Quality Scored Inventory.”

The vacation rental industry is massive, as evidenced by the number of very large players in this space including Expedia, Travelocity,, AirBnb, HomeAway, etc which in theory would make this a very space to compete. Dwellable’s positioning is a little different in that they are looking to be the Kayak or Ebay in this space by providing objective, high quality listings that best match the traveler’s needs. dwellable mobile

Dwellable started out targeting many of the independent property owners and property managers who were not already locked in with competitors, who also were willing to invest in providing the media needed to create a great end-user experience (professional hd photography, premium content, etc).


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