Blog 2 – ETEK Wearables

This may seem like a little bit of a reach, but in actuality the product concept is quite similar. I am in the Baby Tech group, and I came across ETEK on Angel List. ETEK is creating an athletic shirt that contains sensors and a BLE transmitter that allows the shirt to detect biometrics and convey them in real time to your smart phone. This is very similar to our concept in that, the sensors would be sewn into the fabric of the baby onesie and would similarly transmit to a mobile app on the parents’ smart phones, most likely via BLE. The comparison is made more interesting by the idea that sportswear could be a natural extension of the Baby Tech line.

ETEK has not done any marketing that I can tell. The website does rank first on branded SEO which is good, but they are nowhere to be seen on searches such as “wearable tech sportswear” or “smart sportswear.” The reason for this is most likely the website itself. There is virtually no content on the site – ETEK has a 45 second vimeo posted (but not published on YouTube), but little else. This is made worse by the vagueness of the vimeo; it does not demonstrate any compelling reason to buy or even provide a specific features of the product. ETEK is definitely not doing any paid search or display yet either. I also checked social channels, Twitter and Facebook, and could not find mention of the company or product on either of these sites.

ETEK’s positioning is in sportswear and connected devices. From the information they have explicitly provided, the value prop seems to be an advancement in the technology of the sensor/transmitters themselves, coupled with the mobile app that allows activities to become social events. Their tagline; “Compete, Compare, Challenge” is a call to athletes to come together and push each other.

They have not been at all successful that I can tell. Could be that I am not searching in the right areas but I don’t believe they have done any marketing whatsoever and branded search won’t drive traffic if there is no brand established.


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