Blog #1 – Flash Volunteer

Research Company: Flash Volunteer

Flash Volunteer is a real time, real world volunteer engagement online platform. Since their mission is to “build community and increase volunteerism through creation of a sustainable, user-friendly online platform”, their potential users could be anyone who is interested in community services, looking for flexibilities, tech-enabled, but not necessarily tech savvy. Their current customers are mostly young professionals who work in the office, well educated, are interested in knowing more people and contributing to communities with fun.

Since it’s a non-profit organization, it doesn’t really need to compete with other companies. Its long-term strategy could be developing more user-friendly and easy-to-use volunteer online platforms and apps. It could “steal” some customers who are users of other volunteer platforms such as UN Volunteers and GloVo. But instead of competing with other platforms, it’s devoted to providing more options and flexibilities to volunteers. As its platform and products are developed more engaging and easy to use, it could expand its customer group, engage and motivate more people from young professionals to elder and less educated people.


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