Blog #3 PRO SKY — online digital training for job seekers


PRO SKY is an interesting online digital marketing training provider. The company provides training on high-demand job skills for job seekers. The unique advantage of PRO SKY is that it offers not just knowledge training on vital digital skills (SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing), but also “internship” experience in real-life projects. I am not so sure about the quality of those internship experiences, but this kind of practical training resembles MBA education. So if I were the CEO of this company, I would try to reach out to people who have influential voice in the digital marketing talent, or someone who have authority in the digital marketing education, preferably MBA education.

So I identify Tanzina Vega as the first person to reach out to, she is a journalist at New York Time, her expertise is in new media business models and technologies. One of her popular article is about the digital talent gap.

The second person I would reach out to is Edward Neveraumont ( He is the CMO of A Place For Mum, a popular blogger, author of digital marketing book, and a teacher of online marketing at Foster Business School of University of Washington. He is also an influential blogger and twitter (33.7k followers).

The third person to reach out is Craig Roseberg (blog: Craig Rosenberg is the co-founder of TOPO (research, advisory and consulting firm that help companies exceed their revenue targets). He is also quite an influencer in digital marketing, his blog “the funnelholic” covers topic about online media, online lead generation, social selling and etc… the audience of his blog can be potential customers of PRO SKY.


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