Blog 3 – Lugg

The product/company I choose is called Lugg (

Their product pitch is: Your on demand mover/ Like Uber for moving stuff across town

Within the following three simple steps, you can finish your moving!

  • Set a pickup location

Use your current location or search for an address or business.

  • Add a photo

Take a photo of the item you need moved.

  • Movers en route instantly

Two movers and a truck are instantly on their way to your location.

It can also be used in more than one ways:

·      In-Store Purchases

In 30 minutes or less get your things home from IKEA, West Elm, Costco,

Local furniture stores, and more.

·      Craigslist

Move your Craigslist purchase across town without leaving your home.

·      Donations

Have us take your donated electronics, clothing, and other items to Goodwill.

·      Haul Your Junk

Instantly haul your pile of junk away to the nearest transfer station.

Given its nature of sharing / on demand economy, I choose the following three blogger/influencer to follow with:

Sarah Perez (

She wrote an article about Lugg early this year to help introduce and promote the application on techcrunch. (

Jason Tanz (

Jason Tanz is editor-at-large at WIRED. He has written feature articles about the sharing economy, Internet celebrities, and videogame auteurs.

Farhad Manjoo (

He write about sharing economy for the New York Times.


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