Blog3: Try The World — Discover The World Through Food

Try The World provides the service to deliver monthly food boxes. The box has a place topic each time, so you can taste the romance of Paris this month, and you are brought to the spice of Brazil next month. Its service fits perfect to consumers like me, who want to discover the world especially through food but do not have enough time and money to travel around. You may ask that consumers can go to international supermarket themselves in stead of waiting for a box to come. I think a box with surprises can always feed people’s fantasy toward beautiful things, such as exotic gourmet! The advantage of Try The World is that they have high qualified chef to choose the combination of the food, which ensures the high quality of each box.

I would follow David Tanis, who writes weekly New York Time dinning column, has a reputation for understanding exotic recipes. Also Laura Siciliano-Rosen, who is a food-travel writer, and open a popular blog Eat Your World to guide people to regional food and drinks around the globe. The next is Stephanie Le, who opens the blog I am a food blog, and win the best food blog award 2014.


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