Blog #3 – Gitlab

I choose to pick Gitlab ( product. Like GitHub, it is an open source version control product to manage code repositories. It offers following advanctages over GitHub: Unlimited repositories, disk space and private collaborators. I believe following people can help the product by blogging about it:

Blogger #1

Name: Matthew J McCullough

Twitter Hashtag: @matthewmccull

Matthew J McCullough is a software engineer and trainer for open source technologies such as GitHub, which is a competitive product. If he blogs about GitLab and say positive things that would be a big endorsement for the product.

Blogger #2

Name: Tim Berglund

Twitter Hashtag: @tlberglund

Tim is Director of Training at DataStax. He teaches people about open source technology. He has 4300 followers on Tweeter and tons of training videos on If we can get Tim talks about our product, it would be a big win.

Blogger #3

Name: Klint Finley

Twitter Hashtag: @klintron

Klint Finley is a technology reporter at TechCrunch. He has also contributed to other publications such as ReadWriteWeb, Disinfo and Shift. In the past he has written number of articles on GitHub and other open source technologies. He has 7400+ followers on Twitter. If Klint publishes an article about GitLab on TechCrunch that would help the company getting a significant publicity.



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