Blog 1: PipelineDeals

1.- Look at the Geekwire Seattle Startup 200. and pick a company between # 100 and 200 (or smaller and not on the list): PipelineDeals

2.-Analyze their potential market:

The potential market for PipelineDeals would be companies with sales teams that need a software to organize easily, save time and use it to bring more business to the company.

3.-Who does it look like they are going after?

Their potential competitor is the #1 CRM solution, with the biggest clients like banks, airlines, food companies, technology companies etc. According to the opinion published on their website by one of PipelineDeals customers (Loyalty Plant), they started to steal a part of the market share from this company (, for example Loyalty Plant:

“Finally! This it the sales CRM of my dreams. I really like that I can work with all customers quickly without leaving the customers list. is big, expensive and complex. Your product is simple and easy to use. My sales team is happy now.”

Vasily Dyachenko, CEO

4.-What segment are they starting with?

Right now according to their website the majority of their clients are entrepreneurial and services companies, such as Prestige Worldwide Logistics, Concentra, Cloops, Group ISO, etc. These clients mentioned PipelineDeals simplicity, price and functionality as their key factors for success.


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