Blog 2: Pillpack


    • What online channels have they chosen to focus on?

Facebook, twiter, linked in, URL and blog (tumblr).

    • What seems to be their Positioning in the market?

They are positioning in the market as a pharmacy that delivers their products to your house, by using a convenient packaging which aloud you to take the right pill at the right time.

    • What is/are their Value Proposition(s)?

The problem is how complicate it is for a regular person to take multiple medication every day without missing a pill.  They are selling the solution for that, which is the service of taking care of the complicate stuff and simplified it for the client. The benefit is that the people who need to take the medicine will be able to do without the risk missing any pill and saving time, as they will receive their medication organized inside a little package with date and time, which will also be delivered to their houses. The target market of course is someone who needs to take multiple pills on a regular basis. Today people use containers that separate the pills, by day and stage of the day (morning, afternoon and evening).

    • Do you think they are they successful communicating to their target customer?

Yes, I totally believe that. Their target market is any person that needs to take multiple medication on a regular basis. They sell simplicity, they organize the medications in individual packs by date and time, they deliver right to your door, they take charge of your refills and they offer assistance from their pharmacists and they are reaching their market through different media (online and printed press).


PillPack (PillPack)


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