Blog #3: Exploding Kittens

I chose to look at Exploding Kittens. This is a game developed by the creator of The Oatmeal. The reason I find it so fascinating is that it a simple card game, yet it has launched the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever. So far the campaign has raised $5,057,070 and it’s not even done yet! It still has 18 days remaining to raise more funds.

This game is already receiving a lot of press and hype, however it wouldn’t hurt for them to continue to reach out to the press and bloggers to expand their reach beyond the kickstarter crowd. I would recommend that the primary creator, Matthew Inman, along with his fellow creators, reach out to the following bloggers in order to increase their visibility.

1) Eli Sanders-@elijsanders

In order to gain more traction in the Seattle area I recommend Eli, a fixture at The Stranger, a Seattle newspaper, website and blog with a large readership base. While he typically blogs about politics and hard-hitting news, he does occasionally post about lighter topics. A post from his could have a broad reach.

2) Jace Lacob-@televisionary

Buzzfeed’s Entertainment Editorial Director

3) Christina Bonnington-@redgirlsays

Staff writer for Wired.


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