For blog 3, I was interested in RosterBot. This is a tool directed towards managing recreational sports teams and leagues. The application has features for managing schedules, standings, invoices, and rosters. I would reach out to the following three people to gain press about this company.

Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski)

Greg Syshynski is a hockey blogger for Yahoo, and would reach a large audience of participants in recreational hockey leagues who might otherwise not pay attention to typical technology and lifestyle blogs.

Mark McClusky (@markmcc)

Mark McClusky is a writer for Wired who commonly reports on sports-related topics. His recommendation of the product would likely reach a connected audience who may have kids in sports leagues, or be in a variety of recreational sports leagues themselves.

Dave Greenbaum (@calldrdave)

Dave Greenbaum is a contributer to Lifehacker, and has perviously reported on a similar app. Interest from people who follow Dave would likely capture tech-oriented people who may find uses for the application beyond its stated use for sports teams and leagues.


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