Smoothie 3D

Smoothie 3D is a free online website helps animation beginners create 3D models out of a plane graph. It’s easy to use, just simply copy the API token from user’s account and paste in the key. If I were the CEO, I would reach out to Bart Veldhuizen (@bartv), Prokofy Neva (@Prokofy), Samaël St-Laurent (@Samthe3dBlogger). 

Bart Veldhuizen (@bartv)

Bart Veldhuizen is the founder of BlenderNation, and Community Manager at Sketchfab.

Prokofy Neva (@Prokofy)

Her name is Catherine Ann Fitzpatrick.Prokofy Neva is her avatar name for 3D blogging.

Samaël St-Laurent (@Samthe3dBlogger)

Samaël St-Laurent is a 3D artist and running 3 blogs about 3d arts for beginner.


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