Talview: Making Hiring Candidates Easier than You could Ever Believe

Talview is a technology company that sells small business and enterprise compatible hiring assessment software. Talview is delivered through a scalable cloud computing platform and is powered by some Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer and Rackspace. Its suite of products are both sold individually or as a package and offer customers the ability to use technology, namely video, mobile, internet and analytics to assess an interviewee’s skills across a wide array of areas. This includes automated video interview solutions, live interview platform, written assessment, code evaluation, talent engagement, and hiring analytics dashboards.

In terms of members of the press or bloggers I would reach out to if I were the CEO of Talview three names come to mind:

Karalyn Brown: @InterviewIQ. A former HR and recruitment consultant and careers journalist. She is the most connected Australian woman on LinkedIn and has pioneered the use of social media to help people find jobs

Lisa Wiley Parker: @RecruiterUncens. A former headhunter with words on recruiting, lead sourcing, resume/interview strategy and attitude job seekers need to hear.

Nicholas Livingston: @nlivingston. Technology enthusiast and talent acquisition leader with experience leading teams and building companies. Also the founder & CEO @HoneIT_Inc {Interview Software for Recruiters & Interview Marketplace


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