The Invisible Girlfriend – get your family off your case!

For real, this is a thing: pay for a fake girlfriend, complete with picture, bio, and texts; and get your family off your back!

If you’re anything like this gal in NYC, you might be the type of person who really just wants to go about their life in peace, but are constantly fielding ridiculous texts or calls from family members asking why you don’t have a significant other (SO). Perhaps your meddling parent has tried to set you up on a date or given your number to complete strangers.

Enter The Invisible Girlfriend (and The Invisible Boyfriend): a service that allows you to choose through photos of potential SOs, choose their name, age, and how you met, and the website will respond to your texts and help you maintain a blatant lie so that your family stops harassing you about dating.

Find your customer’s pain point –> Solve it.

Desired contacts:

@crazyjewishmom on Instagram / @crazyjewishmom_ on Twitter – her mom is on her case, maybe she will be satiated when she has a nice, Jewish doctor as a boyfriend.

@tinder – I wanted to wait to add this one, it might be NSFW.

@geekswhodrink – Because there are some stereotypes about geeks.

@newtechseattle – New to a city? Also need a SO?


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