Blog #3: Connect Mentors

Connect Mentors is a start-up based out of London that offers to connect students and professionals of all levels with tech mentors in their field (or desired field). The company uses your LinkedIn profile as a starting point for the mentor connection. Though currently only offering its services in London area, the Connect Mentors website requests permission to use your basic LinkedIn profile information, requires that you select one or more fields of interest, and your experience level (student, junior, senior, etc.). It then generates three potential mentors and allows you to submit a request for mentorship from one of them. I went through the process up until the point of requesting one of my three proposed mentors. Each seems to be mid-level and very credible within their fields. If I were based in London, I would have chosen “Tom Marsden”: a tech professional who promises to “advise anyone wanting to move into a product role”.

To promote this product, I would reach out to the following three people:

1. Mike Butter, Editor of TechCrunch Europe

2. Zee M. Kane, CEO and Tech Editor at The Next Web

3. Elizabeth Varley, CEO and Tech Blogger at TechHub London


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