Blog #3 – Headout

The company I find compelling on is Headout. It is a tour-planning app designed to book tours, fun activities and attraction tickets at the last minute on mobile device at cheaper prices. Currently it only provides services in New York and Las Vegas.

Here are the three bloggers I would like to reach out if I were the CEO:

Arabella Bowen: @arabellabowen. She’s the editor-in-chief at Fodors Travel. She’s a frequent traveller, a fan of arts and good designer. She’s also an active blogger with 1,447 followers in Twitter. Since she’s a decision maker in the travel magazine and also a professional traveller, she could be a good influencer of Headout by writing compelling stories on both the magazine and her blog.

Wendy Perrin: @wendyperrin. She’s a travel expert, author, speaker and founder of TripAdvisor’s Travel Advocate with 57.1K followers on Twitter. I believe she’s a big influencer in the travel industry. If she could write something about Headout, the company website traffic will be largely increased.

Tim&Nat: @acooknotmad. They are travel experts and storytellers with 3,712 followers on their Twitter account. I believe from experiencers’ perspective, they could be good advocates or evangelists of Headout.


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