Blog #3: Luna

Luna’s novel sleep monitoring system offers two unique and highly desirable features to the normal persons bed. First, it provides a bed temperature regulator that can track and change the temperature in two parts of the bed. This allows you and your partner to sleep at your ideal temperature. Second, Luna comes with an extraordinarily sensitive sleep sensing system that monitors the quality of your sleep. Using some simple analytics, the software and you can track how you are sleeping and under what circumstances you sleep best. Using this tracking software it can wake you up during the ideal moment in your sleep cycle to avoid that groggy feeling.

Luna has yet to launch, but has already crowd funded almost $500,000. The first generation line will be ready to ship in August, 2015 and they have already received significant interest from the tech community. To further broaden the reach of Luna and help initial sales figures rise, I would reach out to the following Tech Bloggers:

1) Ben Kepes: Forbes Technology Contributor (@BenKepes)

2) Sam Murphy-Kelly: Mashable Senior Tech Correspondent (@HeySamantha)

3) Shane Roberts: Senior Commerce Manager at Gawker Media (@ShaneOSX)


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