Blog 3 – Userbrain — How to Get into the Head of your Customers

Userbrain adopts a subscription model that provides user testing service to companies who want to find out what users think about when visiting their websites. By Setting up a custom task for users, the company will able to watch how people use their website, and improve the website based on the feedback they get from the observation of users.

For example, one of the example is a user task: Imagine you want to sew a patchwork blanket for one of your friends. Try to find two fabrics that you think this friend would like, and put 3.5 meters of each into your shopping cart

Thus, I recommend three bloggers in UX, customer behavior analytics and start-up marketing:


Exploring the boundaries of User Experience and United’s Customer Service. Founder @UIE, Co-founder @CenterCentre


Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot inbound marketing and startup blogger at .


Founder & CEO, Metrical (@getMetrical) – Amazing customer experience through behavioral analytics


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