Doughbies: Become the Cookie Monster

When you supply freshly baked chocolate chip & sea salt cookies, pumpkin cupcakes, and rainbow rice crispy treats, it is only reasonable that there will be a responsive and ample demand. Daniel Conway saw this potential and created the market-clearing mechanism of Doughbies, a San Francisco start-up billing itself as “the world’s largest local bakery” capable of delivering delectable indulgences within 20 minutes of ordering. The impetus is simple: people all around are keen to indulge in high quality, distinctive and piquant offerings from local bakeries. Most often, however, these prospective consumers are tied up at their desk, swamped with work and unable to satisfy and satiate their buttery, Maillard-reaction lusts. Now, with Doughbies, these culinary hedonists can assuage their cravings with a few easy taps on their smart phones finding that, in the digital age, ‘A’ is for ‘Accessible’, ‘B’ is ‘Brilliant’, and ‘C’ has – and always will be – for ‘Cookie.’

Bloggers or members of the press that I would consider reaching out regarding Doughbies would include the following:

Liren Baker (@kitchconfidante), founder of Kitchen Confidante. Her blog emphasizes the artisan food scene in the Bay Area with a special emphasis on the role that food plays with the people most important in one’s life. Kitchen Confidante has a robust following and Liren’s blog has been recognized by PBS as one of the “Ten Food Blogs You Should Be Reading, But Might Not Know About”.

Jessica Hunt (@HowSweetBlog), founder of How Sweet It Is. Although Jessica focuses primarily on pastries and sweet-treats, her blog is not limited to diabetes-inducing snacks alone. Based in Pittsburgh, her interest in Doughbies could help spur interest for the company on the east coast as it looks to expand.

And, lastly, Sarah Perez (@sarahintampa), who is a writer for TechCrunch. TechCrunch’s readership includes smartphone-savvy cookie-consumers who are generally predisposed to exploring the latest benefits that technology can reap. Sarah’s writings tend to suggest a proclivity toward food-related innovation and interests, and her support could reach a wide base of prospective customers.


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