Ross – super intelligent attorney

I’ve chosen “Ross” as my product – the tagline is a “super intelligent attorney”. According to the comments, Ross is actually a “digital legal expert” built on top of IBM’s Watson super computer (the one that was able to beat Jeopardy champions at Jeopardy). The the layman, law has always been needlessly complex, and thus the extremely lucrative (at times) but extremely expensive legal profession was born. A digital attorney could help change the legal and even civil landscape dramatically – allowing a cheaper, more convenient access to an attorney which could dramatically help disadvantaged populations who are unable to afford a high quality lawyer. Of course there are a number of liability issues with a digital attorney but the product is surely compelling.

As a result, the bloggers I would contact are:

New Orleans attorney and publisher of iPhone J.D. My tweets are mostly iPhone news and tips. You can also follow @iphonejd.

@KurzweilAINews (Ray Kurzweil)
KurzweilAI ( ) is a newsletter/blog covering nano-bio-info-cogno-cosmic breakthroughs in accelerating intelligence

Proskauer Rose LLP (Proskauer, does privacy law blogging)
Proskauer, founded in 1875, is a global law firm providing a broad range of legal services to clients worldwide


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