StatMuse: Making Everyone the Sports Expert

Data is becoming a common part of the socially connected person’s life and there are several companies who are trying to capitalize on this movement. The amount of public data is increasing exponentially across the internet, but the average person is likely still mystified as to how to access and make meaning of the data around them.

Sports statistics is one of those opportunities where data analytics can really become a accessible and viral thing for the regular person. This company does a great job of “putting the demo where their mouth is” by showing how easy it is to have a conversation with their app to inquire about different sports facts and get simple and rich visualizations and tabular data that answers it. No need to search for the right data, do anything tricky to the data or create the visualizations from scratch.

To promote such a product, this company would want to reach out to influencers in the sports fan community. Both official/large brands, like ESPN and niche players, like could help to promote this product by using it directly in their blog editorials.

Key influencers added:


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