Blog #3 – Mitoo – Mobile Sports Network

I choose to examine Mitoo, a mobile sports networking app for smart phones. Mitoo allows for parents and players to keep track of their sports leagues. Mitoo helps you track where and when your games are as well as the statistics from previous matches. Mitoo also appeals to sports teams and leagues as it allows them to advertise for new players.

Mitoo is a highly convenient app that could go very far with the right press. For that reason I have chosen to follow two local recreation sports leagues as well as a Seattle Times writer who might be able to help them expand greatly.

Local reporters

Bob Condotta – Reporter for the Seattle Times

While it might be a bit of a stretch for Mitoo to get coverage from a major local writer, Bob Condotta could be just the person they need to help them get in the spot light. Sports writers are slaves to the seasons that they cover. When there is a lull in sports and they still need to write an article, they may turn to an exciting start up in their field. Mitoo shouldn’t expect much anytime soon but by laying the groundwork they may be able to get in an article in the Seattle Times.

Underdog Seattle – Recreational Sports League

This website runs multiple sports leagues for adults in Seattle. This would help Mizoo reach out to the adult community which wants to stay active but already has a busy schedule. Mizoo can help simplify their lives and thus gain them as customers

Seattle Parks and Rec

By following the twitter account of Seattle Parks and Rec, Mizoo can target those people who will be signing up for leagues through the Parks website. Additionally, by proving their value, they may be able to get an endorsement from the P&R Department, thereby funneling many new customers to them.


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