Blog #4 JackThreads

The product that pops up a lot on my screen is JackThreads. JackThreads is a flash sale site focused on selling brands’ overstocked product (men’s clothes) at low prices. JackThreads sells everything from jeans to dress clothes to watches. There pricing is very appealing. You can become a JackThreads member simply through signing up on Facebook. You get JackThreads store credit by sharing the website to friends.

I have only purchased an item once from the website, but I do visit it once every few weeks to see if there are any great deals. I’m seeing more and more JackThreads ads over the Internet. For me the advertising is extremely effective because it is a page that I truly enjoy, especially because of all the good deals that they have. I believe that if JackThreads model did not revolve around selling discounted men’s wear I would be turned off by the advertising. What makes JackThreads great are the discounts they offer. If it was any other online shopping website I wouldn’t take notice.


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