Blog 4: You Don’t Know Me Big Brother

As part of this exercise I re-visited several websites that I had looked over the past month and had either purchased from or had done some intense research with the intension of buying later on. These sites included Cabelas,, Trip Advisor, and Orbitz. After doing this I went to several news/social websites, including Facebook, Yahoo, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Jerusalem Post, and the Seattle Times.

I paid careful attention to the advertisements that showed up in every news and social site I visited. I noticed that a moving banner was at the top of I did not see any advertising on or the Wall Street On Facebook there was a static advertisement for Progressive Insurance, which made some sense I visited various insurance sites in the previous month. On the Seattle Times website there was a static advertisement for Video Only, a place I have never purchased from and for which I have no interest in buying anything.

None of the advertisements I mentioned induced/incentivized me to buy at this time. I make my purchases based on the best price and convenience of purchase, not necessarily when I see an advertisement. In actuality, an advertisement, whether in pop up or static banner format often annoys me and turns me off to the product. So for the marketer, I am not a customer type who can be converted to making a purchase from online advertising.

Below are some examples of advertisements targeted at me, likely using built-in website cookies:


Flow from Progressive


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