Entre 555 – Blog 4 Finishline Ad on my Facebook!

The web pages I most often visit are Nike.com, Eastbay.com, and Finishline.com. I have bought many items from all 3 websites.

I went to my Facebook page I noticed a banner ad for Finishline.com. The Ad was not very impressive as it showed a ‘Jordan’ brand shoe that I had zero interest in. I did click on the Ad, and it took me to the order page for the exact shoe in the Ad. If I was interested in the shoe it would have been a very convenient way for me to order the shoe.

I would say these ads are not effective – at least for me. I am very particular in what shoe/sneaker to buy, so it would be a very low probability of the Finishline Ad to have a shoe I am interested in buying. The Ads don’t make me buy what is advertised, but it may make me more likely to buy as a situation may occur that I’m reminded to buy something that I’ve been meaning to order (like socks). If the Ad did not exist in this example, then I may never make the sock purchase on Finishline. Instead I may have purchased my socks from a different company.HW #4 - Ads Facebook


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