They’re always watching…

Tonight’s selection was as wide and varied as my browsing habits seem to be:


First, it was General Assembly – Learn to Code for Free! This one makes total sense, every couple of months, I try to convince myself to take up coding, search around for a lesson, then give up. Every. Single. Time. I don’t know how to code as of yet, but this has reminded me that I’m pretty sure I’d like to learn.


Next on the docket were Sorel boots at Zappos. Totally legit, I just purchased a pair of winter boots just before the holidays and spent an inordinate amount of time searching for that perfect waterproof, lined, winter boot. You’re too late to the party, Zappos. I already made my winter purchase.

Bombfell Third up, Bombfell. This was a bombshell, indeed. Never heard of the company, but in the name of SEO and online marketing, I clicked on the website. A monthly subscription service for hip men’s clothes. Very good, marketing bot, I do have a male aged 24 – 35 living in my house who is fashion conscious but hates the act of picking out and buying clothes. You’ve done your homework.

MarathonThe last ad I saw tonight? The New York City Marathon. Too far, marketing bot, too far. First of all, I ran a marathon in September. It was my second, and so, unlike my first, I was not obsessed over trying to find a training schedule I could manage (or rather, the least training I could do to finish said marathon.) Then, as many people do after they run a marathon, they vow never to ever run a marathon again. Of course, the holidays roll around and I’m trying to thing of my New Year’s resolution and think (note: only think, not say out loud) that I would like to run another marathon. Then here you are, marketing bot, reading my mind.

And in case you’re curious, I’m not going to apply by Feb 15 to run in the NYC Marathon.


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