B-2-B ads resulted from our Class Assignment

So I shop quite a bit on Nordstrom online. Often I put my stuff into my online shopping cart so I can better see what I am interested in buying over time. However, more recently I noticed Nordstrom is growingly aggressive in sending me “There’s Still Stuff in My Cart” emails. They also occasionally post those items I like or I viewed as part of my FB feeds.

Over the weekend, due to the need to find content for this assignment, I saw something which made me tick. I noticed an advertisement featuring, GUESS WHAT?, that’s trying to sell me TINYhr.

I know you probably don’t know what TINYhr is but this was the company that I wrote for one of my other blog assignments. I couldn’t believe it. The cookies/computer think I am a business company -it is trying to sell a business/enterprise software to me without realizing I am actually a person.

That said, I am getting a bit wary of these tracking “cookies”. In retrospect, as I began to understand the issue of privacy on the internet more and more, I am deeply thinking question the purpose of such data collection. If unprotected and unregulated, such data could turn the benefits of technology into a threat to personal security and personal welfare. I wish there’s a community I’d join and learn more about how these ad issues can be addressed at the point of web designing.


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