Blog 4

As a busy business school student, I generally don’t have much time shopping in brick and mortar stores. 90% of my clothes and shoes were purchased from online stores. Before I get included in the calculation of Labor Force Participation Rate, I use affiliated websites to monitor discounts and promotions of my favorite brands. is one of the common ones I use. Meanwhile, since I have purchased in multiple websites of the branded products, I keep receiving hundreds of promotion emails every day.  During the last week,  I have visited websites of Uniqlo, Sephora, 6pm and ASOS through email links.

Thereafter, when I visit my facebook page, I could find the advertisement on the right lower corner the boots I checked on 6pm. This is on target, since I was really interested in the product.


As I use Google Chrome as my default explorer and generates income from Google Adsense, I can tell that among all the brands I have been following, Uniqlo has been advertising extensively. The recent items I checked on their website is shown on the right hand side, while the promotion items showed in a banner I continue to scroll down.  Though sometimes, these repeating advertisement might appear a bit redundant, they remind not only my historical records but also display the sales items that I might be interested in.



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