Blog 4

Whenever I visit to search for glasses, an ad from them will immediately show up on my facebook homepage. Not only will the ad be from Zenni, but it will show a picture of one of the exact pairs of glasses I had just looked at (example pictured). glassesAnother company whose ads always show up is Nordstrom. I regularly visit their website, and pictures of the items I have viewed will often appear on my facebook page. These ads can be effective when they remind me of items that I like and even considered buying. However, they have never resulting in me purchasing the pictured items. I don’t intentionally avoid buying those products, but the ads have never been effective enough to convince me to go back to the site and make the purchase. Also, I think it is important for companies to consider the downside of these ads. These ads often showcase not only items that I like, but also ones that I dislike and have rejected. Repeatedly showing me items that I have no interest in leads me to have a negative association with the company doing the advertising.


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