Blog #4: Advertisement Analysis

I have noticed that on the sponsored ads section of Facebook, I most often see ads about Microsoft or the fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma. This isn’t very surprising to me because I work at Microsoft and I am also a member of the fraternity. Paying more attention to these ads, it is impressive to see how the companies, in partnership with Facebook, has been able to interpret my behavior on the social app and my associations to target me for the right ads.

I acknowledge both the ad channel and the promoting company in this. Facebook has taken advantage of its access to millions of people’s social networking and online searching behavior and it providing companies with the ability to target many different segment types. For example, since the fraternity wanted to target its members, the most granular level of targeting Facebook might have been able to provide is “people associated or actively socializing with a sorority or fraternity”, but instead they allow you to target a specific fraternity or sorority, making the relevance of the ads much stronger.

Below is a photo to show as an example.



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