Blog 4 – Clothes and bike parts!

I typically do a fair amount of shopping online, and I have found that whenever I shop for clothing, it tends to pop up all over the place on the pages I visit. Two retailers that are particularly notorious for this are BetaBrand and MyHabit (run by Amazon). I have found these ads on a variety of websites, including sports blogs that I visit and Facebook. I have found that for clothing, these ads typically are effective, as I am reminded that I wanted to buy the item, and am encouraged to return to the site at some later point in time.

Recently, I have also been “shopping” for bike parts online in support of the Rider Oasis homepage. I have seen a variety of these parts located on websites, which might be useful at some point in time, except that I was merely browsing for the parts, so it seemed ineffective here. One comical ad I noticed was for a particular bike which I browsed on Amazon after being shared a link with how ridiculous looking the bike was. I often research products for one of my positions, and find that I still get targeted ads for products which I never intended on buying.


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