Blog #4 – Jibo

Speaking of a product that seem to be magically showing up in ads, JIBO immediately jumps in my head. I had followed their news and stories since their commercial video was launched last summer.

JIBO is a sociable family robot, that can see, hear, speak, learn, help and relate with multiple family members in home environment. From their ads, first of all they compare JIBO with other home devices and made it outstanding and differentiated than others. Then it demos how adults, children, and senior citizens interact with JIBO for different functions, such as hands-free camera, reminder alerts, voice mailbox, food order, entertainment, etc.

In my opinion, the ads are very effective. These ads actually relate to our daily life and demonstrates how we use the product, and it’s very home oriented. It makes me more likely to buy the product, but the site is no longer accepting pre-orders as they are focusing on the first shipment: 5,554 orders and raised $2,289,606.


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