Blog #4: Targeted Advertising

I visited a few product websites, including Natural Pet Food on Amazon, Nordstrom, Square and 21drops, and then visited Facebook.  I immediately noticed that specific clothing items that I had clicked on appeared in ads on the side of the screen.  In addition, 21drops’ Facebook page showed as a promoted ad within my newsfeed.  That advertising was a little tricker, because it almost appears as if one of my friends has posted or shared the company.

I think there are two sides to this type of advertising.  First, it serves as a reminder to consumers who are thinking about purchasing an item, but haven’t actually done so.  With the 21 drops, it actually reminded me I wanted to visit their site again.  However, the advertising was more strategically placed.  Second, it could push the consumer away.  For example, the ads displayed below are sponsored ads that appeared on the side of my screen.  I noticed that I’ve become almost immune to the advertising on the side and top in banners, and if I do notice them, it is more of a negative reaction than a positive reaction.



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