Blog 4: Xfinity Ads

My roommate just moved out so for the past week I have been looking for a new service provider for cable and internet. I have been browsing Comcast and century link websites to figure out the best plan for my home. As a result, a majority of the news websites I typically visit now have xfinity (Comcast) ads.

Although I eventually bought an xfinity (Comcast) package, personally speaking, the ads were more annoying and distracting then helpful. I chose Comcast because of the two service providers in my area, Comcast gave me a better deal. The Comcast ads were focused on features which are of no interested to me. However, the ads did serve as a periodic reminder to me to go and finalize the order for internet and cable. Here’s a snapshot of the ad I saw:

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.47.19 AM


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