Blog Post #4: Targeted Advertising

Being a graduate student, I don’t have a ton of free cash to spend on outdoor apparel. As such, I am constantly keeping an eye out for good deals, sales, and high quality used merchandise. This has led to a rash of targeted advertisements aimed at selling me the hottest new trends in outdoor gear. Unfortunately for the marketers, not only can I not afford a brand new technical jacket, but I also use AdBlock. As someone who uses AdBlock, I’m only ever aware of Facebook ads when I am on my cell phone.

The two social media applications that I use frequently on my cell phone are Twitter and Facebook, and I do see ads geared toward my interest. The major advertisements tend to be for Black Diamond,, and few that I’m quite sure where targeted to me after some of the Marketing HW assignments we’ve had. However, I feel that as someone who has used a computer extensively for their entire life, I am relatively immune to advertisements and just scroll past without really taking note. In fact, I’ve always wondered if anyone actually clicks on the links. The rise of popularity of AdBlock and other ad blocking software really makes me skeptical as to the effectiveness and real potential of these ads to drive traffic and sales. The only time I’ve ever been tempted is if a specific item I want is listed with a specific discount from a particular sale.


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