“I already bought the SWEATER!”

Recently, I purchased a “men’s active wear” sweater from Old Navy online. Now, on certain blogs I visit, I keep getting fed ads for THE EXACT SAME SWEATER—and, from GAP, which is apparently owned by the same parent company. I’m not sure if Old Navy knows that I purchased the sweater (and wants me to buy another), or if it’s trying to make sure I close on the deal.

In any event, I’ve often found the exact same item I was looking at Amazon fed to me in an ad—only to think to myself, “yeah, I know about the Samsung 256 GB SSD, that’s why I was admiring it on Amazon—but am just not ready to buy.” In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve NEVER purchased anything that I “found” via a targeted ad, but did visit/make purchases that were later included in targeted ads.


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