Reading My Messages…

I recently had the pleasure of moving to a new apartment, in the middle of the quarter, the day before the Super Bowl. It was as enjoyable as you can imagine. But with moving come the perks of upgrading. New appliances, gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings, balcony; this place makes my old place look like a shack. Once the boxes were finally unpacked, I began the Amazon shopping frenzy to quickly and conveniently make all those little purchases of everything you realize you need (such a weird paradox when you are moving and thinking, “Why do I have so much stuff?”). Though I’ve purchased countless things on Amazon within the last week, it is not Amazon or my Amazon searches that showed up in my news feeds.


My living room has large windows, awesome, until you realize you look right into your neighbor’s bedroom; not really my thing. My walls are painted light green and most of my accessories are very loud, so I need to tone it down on the curtains a bit. Turns out, I want very specific curtains. I began my search for 60in x 96in white, ruffled curtains. My search led me to Wayfair, a site my mom also told me to check out. Knowing that I’m spoiled and have a birthday coming up, I took a screenshot of what I wanted and sent it over iMessage to my mom. Holding out for a better price (or for a present), I decided not to purchase. Then, I opened Facebook and there it was, my curtains on Wayfair. My Facebook advertising shifted towards home decorating or apartment searches. Additionally, I had sent iMessages with a friend regarding a trip to Iceland. All advertising is trying to get me to go to Iceland, on the cheap, and buy my ridiculously specific curtains.


I’m a sucker for advertising and if I liked something enough to view it, I’m most likely going to like it more the more I see it. If I had the funds, I probably would have purchased curtains and the trip to Iceland. By the way, Wow Airlines is coming to America and offering flights from $99 from DC to Iceland….at least that’s what Facebook tells me.


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