Stalked by shoes

Shoes follow me everywhere on the internet, thanks to Zappos. The cute booties that I browsed on Zappos one day suddenly pop up in my email, my search results, and my Facebook feed the next day. At best, it’s a nudge to go back to Zappos and browse again. However, sometimes I will be trailed by a pair of shoes I decided NOT to buy, which makes it an annoyance.

It does seem like the ad served is related to my activity on Zappos. If I search the term “bootie,” then I will see different styles of ankle boots as I browse around the web. If I spend a long time on a particular product page, or tag the item as a ‘favorite,’ then that specific shoe will follow me around.

I usually do not take any action when I see the ad. I feel like I am approaching ad blindness – I see these types of retargeting ads so often that I don’t pay attention to them anymore.




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