These ads are following me

It wasn’t difficult to find a few content advertisements based on my browsing history. One of the ads following me lately is for SmartThings, a product that I discovered while doing research for class. It has been showing up regularly for two weeks. This instance appeared on the Puget Sound Business Journal. SmartThings Ad Another product that appeared today on Facebook is a Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump. A few days ago, I looked up Mitsubishi product specifications for one of my projects at work. Thanks for the reminder, Mitsubishi—I didn’t finish what I was working on. Mitsubishi DHP Ad Finally, here’s one more that is legitimately for a product that I shopped. This mod sofa looks cool, but the reviews for this brand were not convincing. It’s a no-go. LexMod Sofa Ad

Are the ads effective? It’s a mixed bag. We learn to ignore them because they often are irrelevant. I think more focused targeting and lower frequency could make many of them more effective.


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