Unique Mix of Targeted Ads

Gilt.com appears to have heavily invested in targeting online marketing.  Usually I browse on Gilt and then if I can make it passed the initial urge to buy I forget about what I saw and wanted shortly after. I first noticed their targeted ads a few weeks ago when I added a jacket that had sold out to my waitlist.  When it became available again it magically started appearing all over the internet, taunting me, just begging for me to buy it.    At first I thought the ads were a bit unsettling, but the more I saw that jacket the more I wanted it.  If it wasn’t wildly out of my price range the ads probably would have persuaded me to buy it.  As an experiment I added another dress to my cart, and within seconds it showed up on my facebook page, right next to ads for bootstrap themes from a site which I had been browsing last week looking for inspiration for a web development project I was working on.   I wasn’t looking to buy a theme, but certianly was interested in related content.  It was interesting to see two highly targeted ads placed next to each other, that would probably never appear together in any other context.

Targeted Ads


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