Entrepreneur Interview: Kevan Brown – Northwest Hoops Leagues

I decided to interview Kevan Brown – an entrepreneur who is currently enrolled in the Foster School of Business Evening MBA Program at the University of Washington. Kevan started Northwest Hoops Leagues: a Seattle based company that provides a high quality recreational basketball league for players 21 years and up. In addition to the competitive nature of the game, Kevan provides players with stats, a profile specific to each player, box scores, and photos accessible through Facebook and the League’s website (http://northwesthoopsleagues.com/). Unique from the other basketball leagues available to players, Kevan provides the entire schedule for each season so players can plan for games more in advance.

The type of market that the company is pursuing is a working professional who is physically active and has played basketball in the past. Kevan wants to bring a level of competition available for all skill levels. As mentioned above, the unique attributes of Kevan’s basketball league is providing the boxscore, stats, and player profile to each player. Kevan’s not trying to re-invent the wheel, but what he is doing is providing Seattle with a league unlike his own with the unique attributes that he provides his basketball players.

Going into year 2 of his basketball league, Kevan is continuing to position his company as a recognized brand within the recreational basketball community. His league is currently full, consisting of 10 teams and a waitlist of teams wanting to compete in future seasons. The Northwest Hoops League is now a recognizable brand, but it took Kevan time to experiment through several social channels for brand recognition. When Kevan first reached out to his first customers, he tried using Facebook Ads and bought ad space online to advertise his basketball league. Unfortunately, the success of these channels to attract new basketball players did not result in what Kevan was looking for. Instead, Kevan says that the best channel to get new basketball players and to grow his brand is through word of mouth from current players talking to their family and friends.

In talking to Kevan, I got a sense of the time, emotion, and energy he has put into his Northwest Hoops League. I want to thank Kevan for letting me interview his experience as an entrepreneur and I wish him the best of luck with his company and the pursuit of his MBA. Thanks again, Kevan!


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