Entrepreneur Report- OneBuild

OneBuild is a supplier, manufacturer, and real estate developer of prefabricated, steel residential units. The units are built in China and then shipped over to Seattle. The pods are then transferred over to the construction site and stacked on top of each other like Lego. This type of construction technology saves time and money, and has ultimately introduced a new construction method to the Pacific Northwest.

OneBuild’s one-bedroom units could be considered micro housing, as they are approximately 350 sf, while the two-bedroom units are 700 sf. The company is targeting individuals seeking an urban lifestyle, as the concept of OneBuild is ideal for infill, urban development. OneBuild is essentially disrupting an existing market and creating a new one. They are disrupting the current small sf unit size multifamily developments. Demanders of this type of space may view OneBuild as innovative and a more appealing option than the typical wood framed, relatively cheap construction of normal multifamily developments. OneBuild is also creating a new niche for themselves in the market with the goal of attracting new customers. This type of construction, while popular globally has not yet taken off in North America. It is OneBuild’s goal to attract new demanders of space through their unique approach of modular, prefabricated living.

OneBuild’s positioning is clearly defined by the innovative approach to construction and living that they offer their target market. It takes but one glance of their product to understand the uniqueness of their brand.

Belltown Apartment

N-Habit Belltown (www.onebuildinc.com)

Due to the small size of the units it is clear that this style of living is not for everyone. It is however, perfect for the young professional who values urban living, quality, and innovative technology.

OneBuild is trying to reach their consumers primarily through word of mouth and by physically visiting their projects. They have set up social media channels, but they truly feel that one cannot appreciate the uniqueness of their product without actually seeing it in person. It is OneBuild’s goal to continue to reveal that the construction industry can be revolutionized and that it is moving forward with cost and time effective construction techniques.


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