Entrepreneur Report – Crown Social

Crown Social is a creative agency focused solely on executing social media marketing strategies. Their value proposition is to deliver powerful creativity both online and offline to influence millions of people through their technical and digital expertise.  The market that Crown Social is pursing are companies that like to take risk to engage their customers within the social space. They are not going after a new segment of customers; rather they are disrupting an existing market since they have positioned themselves as the only company that solely focuses on social media marketing. Other major players in the market such as Wunderman have advertising and strategy in a bunch of different areas which includes social. Crown Social’s expertise is that they are a pure player in the social media marketing strategies area which sets them apart. The social space is a fast moving arena and therefore, it becomes difficult for a person to become an expert in it. Crown Social does social media marketing every day and that sets them apart from other agencies who focus on many different things. Crown Social wants its customers to look at social media marketing as an opportunity to engage people and influence millions of customers. The channels through which they reach their customers are mainly inbound marketing and through word of mouth. Crown Social also invested initially in SEO marketing, so that they can be shown up in search results in Google. They also invested in events in the initial stages to gain traction to reach out to its customers.


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