CashForApps – not trying to take over the market, but taking a slice out with a focused strategy

At its core, CashForApps is a simple, unexciting venture. It is a mobile incentivized CPI (cost per impression) advertising application which rewards users for downloading apps. Or more simply, a user uses CashForApps to download apps, collects points per app downloaded, and then can redeem these points for gift cards. Yet, in this crowded marketspace, CashForApps is thriving because of a strong technical team, a focus on customer support and defined strategy.

The market that CashForApps is pursuing is a narrow one – specifically, younger (13-25 year old) mobile gaming enthusiasts located in the US, with some customers in Canada and Europe. Specifically, they target audiences of heavy-hitter mobile games such as ClashofClans. For gaming apps who want to reach more customers or gain traction quickly, they can pay companies such as CashForApps to incentivize users to download their games (assign a higher point value). A larger customer base leads to increased advertising revenue and in-app purchases for these mobile games, and paying CashForApps is an integral part of mobile games marketing budgets. As a result, there are a number of other companies within this space – this is definitely not a new market. These sort of incentivized advertising applications or websites have been in existence for years – in fact, Bing even offered a similar incentivized program to utilize their search engine in hopes of gaining more traction years ago.

So how does a company like CashForApps survive? They are positioned as the app with the highest payout and a focus on customer support. Additionally, the development team behind CashForApps is talented, with their developers working full-time as software developers for companies such as Microsoft. This allows for an overall app experience which is higher quality and less technically buggy, helping to build a more reputable name. So to differentiate themselves from other incentivized advertising apps, they have an overall higher quality product, which is also free, for users to try and download.

CashforApps also attracts customers with a focused marketing strategy. They primarily utilize prominent vloggers in the mobile gaming scene as mouthpieces to advertise for their specific app. They will pay these vloggers to mention their app in their daily or weekly vlogs. Additionally, there is a built-in referral system which uses unique codes. Specifically, when a new user signs up, they can enter a code. They receive points for using the code, and the referrer receives points when the person completes their first offer or download. This prevents abuse of the system by having self-referrals without downloads. These vloggers have been the primary marketing focus, but CashForApps also has a twitter and Instagram to engage with customers on social media. They work with media partners to distribute newsletters and will retweet ClashofClans related posts as well as occasionally run promotions or giveaways.

Ultimately, CashForApps is not a sexy, innovative app. However, they are a focused, technically sound team and have been growing steadily since their launch only a few months ago. By using their resources wisely, building a technically sound interface, positioning themselves well in the crowded market, and focusing on social marketing with a broad reach and good engagement such as vlogging, CashForApps is poised to continue their steady growth and increasing revenues.


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