Entrepreneur report – Jobvention

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.30.48 AMJobvention (http://www.jobvention.com/) was started in 2013 by two founders Alvin Loh and Hui Dai, who have extensive technical backgrounds from companies like Microsoft and Amazon.  Jobvention has the vision that jobs can change lives and that strong communities are employed communities. Jobvention created the highly regarded Boolean Search String Generator featured in many recruiting classes and publications around the world. And it leverages the sophisticated algorithm to source for qualified talents and connect recruiter/hiring companies with them. It provides a free resume database for customers to manage their own talent pool. The database has over 100k resume candidates which is growing daily.

When Jobvention system attempts to find a qualified candidate, it looks at when the profile was updated, suggesting that the candidate may be ready to change jobs. It also looks at the job title and considers candidates that have similar job titles and candidates that work in competing or similar companies.

Customers can also treat Jobvention as sourcing assistant to help contact and /or interview candidates. It has an applicant tracking system for companies and a resume database for individual recruiters.

Jobvention is targeting recruiters from small and medium businesses who find it difficult to source for qualified talents, especially those talent whose skillset well-match with the job description. They are basically going after an existing market of talent sourcing by leveraging advanced technology to automatically conduct data mining, indexing and matching the talent profile with job requirements. As compared to the existing headhunting service, it is more efficient as Jobvention promise to provide 5-10 qualified passive candidates in 48 hours with only $50 per job posting. Jobvention will also do technical phone screens for software developers and testers to save you time. $150 per 45 minute phone screen with a written recommendation and interview notes.

Jobvention positions itself as a job portal in between Monster/Indeed.com and Craigslist, a more efficient, effective and better solution than other job boards and traditional talent sourcing methods by providing smarter algorithms and more sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing algorithms that look far beyond keywords at a competitive price.

As for their first customers, the two founders reached out to their own recruiter network and collected recruiter contacts from online sources. They mainly adopted email marketing as their major marketing channel. Recently, they have also started to leverage facebook, Display Ads to drive more customers to their website.


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